Dark Exodus – Book Summary

 Dark Exodus by Ernest A. Meyer

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Dark Exodus book summary: Part One
Alex Chissel is a navigator one one of many Mega-corporation transport ships. When one ship goes missing, Alex is called to serve aboard the Behemoth, a battle ship sent to investigate.

After a successful conclusion to the investigation, Alex hopes his life will return to normal, but it is not to be. Upon returning home after his next nine month tour of duty, He finds himself and his family under arrest for the illegal birth of their third child. This ends with Alex exiled to the roids, a prospector with little hope of returning home to his wife and children.


Alex finds a missing scout ship drifting in the roids. He and side-kick Wayne repair the little ship, and give jump tech to the oppressed people of stink-hole, who rise up against their oppressors.


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